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Next generation TriEye

Finally, after 8 months of hard work with our Norwegian designers and our fantastic partners in Taiwan and China, we are now launching the next generation TriEye sports eyewear. The main difference compared to the first model is that the rearview mirror is more optimized in shape and size (smaller). This gives you more or less the same good rearview but a better forward view.

We are also introducing the light frame and a smaller “starter kit” so that the price is starting at USD 89.- for a full kit with two lenses.

We are also introducing the new photochromatic lens (cat 0-2) with the pro frame, starting at USD 129.-. The lens is totally clear (cat. 0) in rainy weather/dark evenings and tinted dark (cat. 2) in sunny weather.

We see an increasing request for 2 mirrors for active rowers and on the “old” model we have added one extra mirror so that you can have a mirror on both sides. We do not recommend a mirror on both sides for bikers, it will disturb your forward view. For rowers, however, that mainly wants to see behind, two mirrors are perfect.